Yutung Industrial focuses on the researching, manufacturing and service in metal working machinery and all kinds of metal parts, rubber processing machinery and the bulk handling equipment and system for many years.

Our metal working machinery factory was founded in the early 1970’s which specializes in shearing(hydraulic shearing machine), bending(press break or press brake) and rolling machine(metal folding machine) or screw jack etc. Our main product is Q11Z, QC12Y, QC12K, QC11Y, QC11K series shearing machine(hydraulic shearing machine or mechanic shears), WC67Y, WC67K series bending machine(press break, press brake), W11, W11S series rolling machine(metal folding machine), YQ series hydraulic shear(hydraulic shearing machine) and large type metallurgical equipment, our product honor a good market both at home and abroad. The export volume exceed 20million US dollar and take the top place of mechanical industries in Nantong, even in China.
Our factory owns advanced CNC machining center, lathing, planning, milling, boring, grinding, etc such media and large equipments more than 200sets, including the value over one million US Dollar CNC equipments 30sets. We have a twenty thousand sqm heavy processing and assembling workshop, the max. hoisting height 25m, max. hoisting capacity 20tons, the processing ability is in the head of the same line in China.
Our rubber machinery factory is a research and development manufacturing enterprise with more than twenty years manufacturing experience, honor 24 national patents. Our factory specializes in manufacturing various specification vulcanizing machine and PTFE press from 15tons to 5000tons, has the manual, semi automatic and full automatic types. Our open mixing machine is from 6tons to 2000tons.
Electric heating, oil heating, steam heating and water cooling can be designed and manufactured in accordance with the requirement of users.
Our bulk handling equipment covers engineering plastic, rubber and metal products. The factory owns the most wide range products in this line in China. The products has HDPE elevator bucket, steel elevator bucket, fang bolt equipped, elevator belt, belt clamp, impact, conveyor idler, coveyor chain, conveyor flight, conveyor sproket, rubber ball and all kinds of engineering plastic sheet, rod etc. Many kinds of specification could customize as per our clients’ demands.
Yutung Industry Implements modern management concepts and models, establishes a client-oriented inormation management system, to maximize the fluency of internal and external information flow, enhance logistic and captial flow operation, so as to guarantee the high-quality product and services to customers.
Focus and Beyond, we will always do what we said.



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